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To Kill A King (The Bear Notes Pt.3) Indiana Jones

To Kill A King - (The Bear Notes Pt.2) Back to the Future

To Kill A King (The Bear Notes Pt.1) Forrest Gump

making of the new shirt!


Totally didn’t procrastinate for nearly 2 months about uploading my Wilkestock photos.

The rest will be on my flickr shortly; all photos belong to me (finnthehumansthighgap)

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Two videos are better than one.


Good evening,

As the release date for our new EP draws nearer we’re doing all we can to persuade everyone who encounters us to swap their money for our music. As part of this charm offensive/propaganda onslaught, we have filmed videos for each track on said EP. That means our Youtube subscribers will be spoilt with five videos in the coming weeks.

The first is for the opening track, Oh My Love. We’d like to thank the Boatshed Sessions crew and Twentieth Century Theatre for providing cameras and the venues, as well as Katie Craik for her behind the scenes footage.

With the help of help of a bewhiskered German, Grant chopped up lots of footage of us (including some sent in by our fans) to make the video below for another EP track, Constant Changing State of Us (Gold). Our thanks go to….

Our gig at the Courtyard Theatre on 22nd October has sold out so if you can’t make it, why not pre-order a copy of the EP here, or buy any other merchandise for that matter…

It’s also available here and here, with a few of them signed:

Xtra Mile Recordings: 


Until the next video surfaces, adios.


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Oh My Love - Behind the Scenes photos [more]

The Constant Changing State Of Us (Gold)

IT’S HERE! Loving this song and the video <3

those new pictures though!

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To Kill A King - Behind The Scenes… ‘Oh My Love’ (Ralph’s Singalong Sessions)

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