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Exit, Pursued By A Bear promo!!

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live @ Rock En Seine 2014 || ©

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Ralph Pelleymounter’s voice is so calming it could probably stop all the wars 

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hey guys if any of you have made a TKAK blog please message me so I can add you to the list 

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Brand new music and a link to prove it!


Hello again.

Fresh from assorted summer soujourns to Sweden, Spain and Siam (aka Thailand - I couldn’t resist using its old name for alliterative purposes) it’s back to the daily grind for the five of us. In this case that involves finally releasing some new music in the shape of an extended…

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first new song is out! How excite!!

p.s. you can already get it on iTunes too :)

To Kill A King Official Online Store : Merch, Music, Downloads & Clothing

the new EP bundles are up and they’re awesome and I’m totally gonna be broke because of this :3

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Tickets are now on sale for the Courtyard Theatre, London on October 22nd… Head here to buy: (this is a 14+ show)

AND here’s the first look of the artwork for our brand new EP ‘EXIT, PURSUED BY A BEAR’ featuring 5 completely new tracks available to pre-order from this Monday… Keep an eye on Twitter over the weekend where we’ll be revealing the track-listing (Follow @ToKillAKing)

Thanks to Wolf James Photography for this beautiful shot!

the new EP is finally annouced! I’m so excited for it!

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